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Richard Andrew

Welcome to my online portfolio.

This space is devoted to my works using
Photoshop 7
Truespace 5.1
occaisionally Terragen
learning Lightwave 7

The subject matter for my scenes and painting's could be anything as they are all my personal projects, I like attempting realism in 3d and 90% of my 2d work is of the human face, man or woman.
I dont know wether I have a style, although my stuff has always had a similiar look to it, I'm not sure if that's good or bad :{

My best ability is with a pencil and paper, (I love drawing on nice thick quality paper) But untill I save enough for a Wacom Tablet I'll carry on with my knackered mouse *hinting to Emma my girlfriend*.
I can't wait untill I have one in my possesion, I think it would add so much to be able to apply different level's of pressure.

A little bit about Richard
age 23
date of birth 31/03/1979
born in Hampstead (London)
now live in Canvey Island, Essex.

I live with my girlfriend Emma 'bugga', who I love madly, but she isn't interested in 'Art' in the slightest. Although sometimes she comments that something looks good, she mostly looks at me with the 'death stare', if I ask her too look at my latest effort, he hee.
It's okay, she wont look at this site either so I dont have to worry :)

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Email me at richardandrew1979@msn.com